Hi, can you do and AU meme of how Louis would be as a father or uncle! If you can, thaank youu! :D <3

AU MEME: Louis as a father.

AU MEME: Liam as a captain of football team in your school.

AU MEME: Christmas morning with Harry.

AU Meme: Harry Styles , the skateboarding junkie

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AU meme;
Liam Payne as a father 

Hot Chocolate

Title: Hot Chocolate
Warning: Smut 
Tags: Harry Styles OneShot. 

“Okay, get inside.”

Harry demanded as I was holding my hands above my head, trying to stay dry. It was raining like crazy and we eventually headed to his bungalow nearby.

He threw the key to the bowl on the right side of the door and took off his jacket which was completely wet because of the rain outside.

With a relieved sigh, I walked up to the sofa slowly, taking my wet clothes off; only letting my tight athlete and boy-shorts.

“You want hot cho- Dear God.”

I followed his gaze, he was directly looking at my half naked body. I smirked, he looked adorable when he didnt have any control over his desire. 

“See something you like, Harold?”

His conscious face turned into a grin. “More than something I like.”

“Won’t you be taking your clothes off, Mr. Styles? We wouldn’t want you to get sick, would we?” I walked up to him and gave him a brief peck on the lips.

He groaned lightly through my lips, I could clearly feel his hard-on already. “Screw the hot chocolate,” he said, pulling me closer. “I knew better ways to warm each other up.”

When he turned around to walk up to the bedroom, I grabbed his hand and pushed him to the couch gently. I was so turned on as I saw his torso under his tight and wet white shirt. 

I didn’t realise that I let out a moan until he chuckled at me and pulled me on top of him. I placed my legs to each side of his hips and ducked over to kiss him lightly.

It didn’t end up soft as I thought it would be. His hands were caressing every inch of my body as his tongue was searching my mouth.

God, was he hot.

I unbuttoned his shirt swiftly as I muttered, “Too much clothes…” He lifted his torso, helping me to get rid of that pair of clothing. His white shirt ended up lying on the floor as we kept on making out.

In all of sudden, he switched positions, getting on top of me for the first time in the day, mumbling a “Right back at you,” huskily.

I let out a giggle and he slipped my top  so fast that I didn’t even know where he threw it to.

His lips searched through my collarbone, hands untying my bra on my back. At last, my bra joined the mess of clothing on the floor. 

My hands found their ways to his hem of jeans, unbuttoning them quickly. I felt the urge to see his hard-on. To satisfy myself, to see how hard I made him -and he was gladly there to show me that. I believed this time it wasn’t going to involve teasing and such.

Or, maybe not.

He removed my hands gently, getting them away from his area. “Not now,” he whispered to my ear, biting my earlobe and making me moan in pleasure.

This boy had a natural ability to turn me on even more, even when we didn’t have a real physical connection.

He lowered his head to my lips again. I wanted to be in charge but as he was willing to demand me, I wouldn’t mind obeying what he had in mind.

And he was more than just willing to.

“Baby,” he moaned huskily as I started grinding on him slowly through our fabric of panties.

He reached out and stripped my panties and I swear, I could see it in the air, landing on the ground.

I was now fully naked and he was very turned on.

With a chuckle, I grabbed him by the hand and turned us over, facing him on the top of him.

I kissed his jaw, then his neck and chest. His hands found my waist, caressing with his fingers. He let out a small whimper as I reached to his manhood.

With a growl, he got us up and slammed me softly to the wall. I whined a bit, biting my lip to see what was coming next.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he lifted me up. He kissed my neck and pressed his chest to mine.

The kiss turned into so much more. It was nothing near sweet and caring, it was hot and passionate. The one you could only see in movies.

“You’re so fucking hot, you know that?” He whispered.

I rocked my hips a little, making him uncomfortable. He let out a loud moan. “God,” he said, rocking his hips to mine. “Just let me…”

“Not yet, love,” I pleaded, I wanted him to need me as much as I needed him. I wanted him to know that I loved him with every inch of my body and my being.

“Now?” he closed his eyes, feeling me everywhere. “Oh, fuck..”

“Ask nicely,” I breathed out, caressing his manhood with my hand.


“Say it.”

He buried his head to the curve of my neck. “God, how I need you…” He muttered.

“Didn’t hear you, love.”

“Holy fuck, I need- I want it so bad. I want you so fucking bad,” he moaned to my ear.

He got the permission with a little nod of mine. He kicked off his tight boxer swiftly and before I knew it, he pushed himself inside of me.

I let out a whimper as I held onto his naked chest. He grabbed me by the waist and thigh, rocking us slowly as an introduction to the beginning of what was coming, as if he was trying to get me ready for that.

“Harry,” I bit my lip and buried my face to the curve of his neck. “Faster…”

In all of the sudden and adrenaline, I swear I could see him smirking behind me. He moaned softly. “Ask for it,” he said.

I got my eyes shut. He was driving me insane and somehow, we had switched our roles; he was getting his revenge. “Please,” I whispered. “Please go faster…”

“Hm, what was that? Did you hear hear something?”

I groaned in frustration. “Fucking hell, just fuck me harder!”

He let out a sexy chuckle and sent me to the heaven  in a second. I was like high and he was the reason of that.

He repeated the same blessed movement for about five times more. All I could hear was our screams and moans, coming out of pleasure.

As Harry was rocking us both, I bit his shoulder in reflex. My nails scratched his back, I was pretty sure that it was going to leave some serious mark there.

And eventually, with one final thrust, he reached his climax. Along with him, I felt myself getting off from my high. We moaned each other’s name and did it all together.

My legs were numb, my whole body was aching. I leaned against him and he carried us to the couch.

We both ended up lying on the couch and I felt my body collapse on him.

He put his arms around my waist as he held me closer. I was listening to his heartbeat and my fingers found their way to his brown and curly hair.

He pressed his lips to my forehead, giving me a peck. As soon as we caught our breathes, he glanced up at me with shining eyes and asked.

“Are you up for a hot chocolate?”


AU MEME; → Zayn as a Vampire.

Can you do an AU MEME; You and Niall spend your first Christmas together. Everything is cute and sweet this Christmas.

Here you go, love :)  -Aqua